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Thursday, November 3, 2011

eFeora faces Searforge and manly Khador

I finally got to try out the new models that I ordered loooong time ago. I played against Searforge list that ran Gorten and a big bunch of Jacks + herne/jonne and a unit of forge guard. One 'jack was run by the forge guard, Gorten had two gun bunnies, Basher and Driller. This was my list:

Feora, Protector of the Flame (*6pts)
* Redeemer (6pts)
* Guardian (9pts)
* Reckoner (8pts)
* Vanquisher (8pts)
Choir of Menoth (Leader and 5 Grunts) (3pts)
Vassal of Menoth (2pts)

We rolled killbox for a scenario. He won the roll of, but decided to go second. I saw the scenario and a convenient rock wall on the other side of the board. After that, the game plan was clear. Park things in cover and shoot the heck out of him.

It turned to attrition game from the start. We both shot each other, used cover and tried to pick out the other guys mistakes. He didn't leave any openings for me to utilise the feat and I actually did not use it in the whole game! I was waiting for that one huge turn, but like I said, he wouldn't let me do that. I should have just used for couple of focus to sling one AOE spell or something, but I reserved it too much.

In the end I won when the board had only Gorten and one heavy rhul jack (the guy with the shield and cannon). I had Feora, Redeemer, reckoner, vassal and one choir boy. I backed up and shot him and even Gorten can't survive everything. My opponent (Tanan) said after the game that he might have played too cautiously and I kind of agree. But that scenario and board were rough for him and I think that was the most important factor in this game. I made some silly fumbles, mostly with Guardian, but mainly I just kept it simple and safe, picking the threatening parts of his army one-by-one. Left the shield jack alone for the whole game by choice. Shooting through armor 21 just did not seem like a good investment, so I just ate those cannon shots and bashed everything else. It was an entertaining game.

From the start I felt like I was running one jack too many. I'm going to drop it to three jacks in the future and see where that gets me. Escort is an amazing spell. Even in a game like this, where I did not charge much, it was amazing. eFeora seems like a really solid caster and I'm looking forward to fine tuning a list for her. I'm going to try running a more melee focused battlegroup for her and see where that gets me. Idea of this list was to force my opponent to close in to the charge range of my 'Jacks with the long range shooting.

I used Guardian poorly. Used him too much like a I would use a Revenger. His dual role is quite confusing and I have always had trouble with models like that. I focus too much on the one ability or the other, but I'm going to play him more. I want to learn. :P

Currently we are rolling scenarios from a table that has 8 scenarios. I'm probably going to compile a new table for local guys to use and we discussed about dropping killbox from it. It's a boring scenario and while today the game was fun, in the end it dulled down a bit to a me backing up and shooting a slower opponent. Despite it's name, it really does not force to be aggressive. Area in the middle is so big that it barely affects at all!

Also played a game against some extremely manly Khador list, which had Strakhov with Destroyer, full unit of Man'o'War shock troopers and Kovnik. I had pFeora, Crusader, Repenter, Knights Exemplar, minChoir and a paladin. Might have had a reclaimer? I'm too tired to go over the whole game now, but strakhov pulled off some quite impressive movement shenanigans. Crusader then bashed him with the mace after some bad rolling from his part. This time we rolled a scenario called Close Quarters and I felt that I got to take a lot of advantage from the scenario and board. Also I think he played Strakhov for the first time, maybe even Khador for the first time and I'm quite experienced with all of the models I fielded. But I think Strakhov has a lot of potential and I think the list was very cool, so I hope Niko keeps playing them, gets some more experience with them and comes back to beat my face. :)

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