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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Oulu vs Seinäjoki 2012

Our gaming group has now reached an important milestone. We have organized our first tournament! First off I would like thank Seraphi for the idea and organizing things in Seinäjoki. Tanan for printing out rules and excellent tokens, also all the players that made this a fun tournament!

We played 5 games with 25 point lists. First day determined which city was better and so it happened that Seinäjoki won with one point, you dirty weasels! ;) Below you will rest of the statistics, couple of pictures and my thoughts in the end.

Gold: Seraphi (Retribution of Scyrah)
Silver: Mikko Uotila (Cygnar)
Bronze: Tanan (Mercenaries: Searforge)

Best painted army from Seinäjoki: Santso (Mercenaries: pMagnus)
Best painted army from Oulu: Walz (Protectorate of Menoth)

Blurry picture of the champions, Seraphi on the right and Mikko in the left!

Tanan who walked out with Bronze. He ran Thor as his warcaster and included Durgen in the solos.

Angry elves, ready to win this damn thing!

Double manglers + your face = happy Magnus!

This Ravagore is the scariest thing that lives in a tree. Well, except for sloths, obviously.

Thor and his cute little bunnies. Damn those things are adorable. Until they start shooting.

Cygnaran 'Jacks ready for action.

Final match starts to get exciting!

My Menoth in a sweet little brick.

More pictures in a LINK!

In the end, it was a lot of mayhem and fun. I was a backup player and as such, played only in the first day when there were uneven number of players. Won one game and lost two. Thought I was safe against Cryx charges, turned out he was just barely in range = dead Feora. In the other loss went straight after Stryker, but when that failed he won with scenario objectives. I was planning to land Vanquisher and Reckoner shots to that damn redhead, but lost way too much time beating his jacks. Two turns beating Ol' Rowdy with a fully charged reckoner and that thing was still standing! Strykers feat, Arcane shield and Ol' Rowdys own defensive stats are crazy when combined.

I did strip that arcane shield off him and got that Reckoner with 3 focus to beat Rowdy on a non-feat turn too, but def 12 is surprisingly easy to miss with mat 8. :D Lesson learned again, just don't count on your dice to roll average. It was my mistake, should have walked out from the melee and shot stryker.

Against Circle I managed to kill his heavy warbeasts quite early and that was the point of no return for him.

All in all, learned a lot about organizing a tournament. Next one will probably use the Steamroller 2012 rules straight from the pdf. Making your own point scoring system was fun, but using Steamroller package seems easier and more balanced.

I have nothing more to say, just beware for more tournaments in the future! :)