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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

List building for Feora

I'm in quite good shape with my prime Severius side of Menoth. I can field good variation of lists for him with painted models. So now I'm planning a list for prime Feora. My goal is to get 35 point list painted for her that is fun and decently effective.

Everything starts with a battlegroup. Unlike with Severius, there is not that much focus to run with. So I'm reaching for something simple and what i've found to be effective with Feora.

Feora (-6)
 Crusader +6
 Reckoner +8

Crusader will be hanging closer to Feora, fitting to a role of backup heavy and bodyguard. Reckoner will be right in my opponents face, shooting with it's long range cannon. Reckoner brings some much needed long range firepower to my list and also has one nice synergy with Feora. Biggest weakness of her flamers is the pitiful rat, but with debuff from the reckoner they suddenly become boostable rat 7. One fully boosted Reckoner shot and two fully boosted flamers kill many casters quite easily and are surprisingly easy to land in my experience. Spd 6 + 8 inch spray with such front line caster is hard to hide from and Reckoners threat range is really good.

So lets go to the full list, shall we?

Feora (-6)
  Crusader +6
  Reckoner +8

min Choir of Menoth +2
max Cinerators +8
min Errants and UA +7
Knights Exemplar +5
High Exemplar Gravus +5

Total = 35

So to the battlegroup we add choir and huge load of Exemplars. :D With this we reach quite good balance of anti-infantry and anti-armor, I think. Gravus is kind of a gamble, but with such a high amount of Exemplars I think he is nice. He also brings something fast to this army, which is priceless against fast or shooty opponents.

I had couple of ideas that I was juggling with. One was to take out Cinerators and upgrade Crusader to a Fire of Salvation and add a second unit of Knights Exemplars. But I ended up taking the Cinerators so I could play a nice scenario game with them and Errants. Without Defenders Ward for errants I really lacked a good unit to hold objectives.

I'm also thinking about just dropping Errants. They are nice, but I think defenders ward is the thing that pushes them to the next level.

From this particular list, I'll still have to finish Knights Exemplars unit, Gravus and the Cinerators. If you have some suggestions or thoughts about the list, post a comment! After I'm finished with Feoras list, I'll venture to paint the Legion of Everblight battlebox. Watch out for some Legion related rambling next year. ;)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pimp my Crusader!

This conversion started with a plastic crusader I had laying around. I split the two-player set with a friend and was saving that Crusader so I could build a Blood of Martyrs from it eventually. Then the realization came that I don't even like Thyra that much, so that Crusader was combined with some bits and this came out:

Basically I "skullified" the head, added some spikes, blade attached to the bottom of the arms, end of the smokestack replaced and made the mace a little beefier and spikier. :) There is still little cleaning up to do, but he is pretty much done.

I plan to use him both as Crusader and Fire of Salvation in friendly games. Running multiple Crusaders is fun. :)

During the holidays I plan to get Knights Exemplars and Gravus painted so I won't feel quilty when playing them. I'll probably post some thoughts about them in January, but now it's time for some rest.

Happy holidays!