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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tried out pSeverius

Tonight I met with few of my friends to play some Warmachine. I played one game with pKreoss and two games with a new caster I bought recently, pSeverius. He was quite nice, but I'll have to make some adjustments to my list and maybe a few purchases to really make him shine.

First we played a straightforward battlebox game, my Menoth vs Seraphis Cygnar. It went quite nicely, got rid of Charger but had to sacrifice my Repenter to get it. In the late game I moved into a good position for next turn but exposed pKreoss a little in the process. I had Lamentation up so I knew he could only fire me with one low power damage spell through his Lancer and would have to move it in a really bad position to do so. I took the risk that he would do so and he took the risk that it would not succeed. He hit and rolled 6, 6 and 5 for damage, nearly taking Kreoss out in one hit! Next turn I smashed Lancer to pieces so he had only Ironclad and Stryker left and my Revenger was flanking nicely to put some immolations to Stryker. He charged my Crusader with Ironclad and did the knockdown special attack, which hit both Crusader and Kreoss behind hit. Then he moved and shot just enough damage with Strykers pistol to kill Kreoss. It was a really close and fun game. There was some bad luck on my part, but I can't really blame the dice. I took a risk and paid for it.

Then I played 10 point game against Fitimis Khador with Severius. Beginning of the game went in my favor and I got overconfident. He nearly destroyed me with his feat, but in the end Sorscha was killed by Immolations and a incinerate order from Cleansers. I did some stupid mistakes and he nearly got me, despite of the fact that I got a good start. Learned a lesson from this and pulled it off in the end, barely.

Last game we played was a three player game, my Menoth vs Fitimis Khador vs Seraphis Cygnar. Again, ten points and scenario was mosh pit. In this game I took lot of risks and it did not pay off. Should have played more a conservative game, like Fitimi did. He let me and Seraphi duke it out and then in the end, moved in finished Seraphi off. It was a really hectic game that went all over the place, so really fun and chaotic.

So far, it's been about 50%/50% for wins and losses and 100% fun for me in Warmachine. Biggest problem I still have is taking huge risks and exposing my casters too much. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes it does not. Also I have big problems in dealing with Cygnar with the lists I play. I desperately need to get a caster which helps to get my army into close combat without huge casualties. I got pFeora coming from a retailer, but she doesn't really help with that problem. I might try out eFeora or Thyra soon.

Well, maybe I will just learn the casters I already own before that. ;)

PS: I really need to get more ranged models for pKreoss and pSeverius.

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