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Friday, June 24, 2011

Start of a new blog!

About six months ago I got a lot of new energy for Wargaming. Biggest reason for this is Warmachine. It's a great game. At first started it as a side project, but soon it swalloved me in completely. It's a great game and it's skirmish scale, so it's actually possible for me to get an army fully painted! Furthermore, what's not to love about giant steampowered robots which are controlled by trained battle-mages. There is infantry, powerful solos and other stuff too, but the Warjacks and Warcasters were the thing that really appealed to me.

After couple months of playing, I got an idea. To motivate local players to paint and play, Steamleague of Oulu was born. Currently I'm collecting participants and after summer is over, we will start.

Basicly, participants will pick a faction. Each month players will play two games. Between months, list sizes will grow by 5 points. There is a catch. All the models you put on the board HAVE to be painted. I won't go into more detail about the rules, as it's not really that interesting and I wrote them down in Finnish.

It's not a new idea and I took a lot of inspiration from others. These kind of things have been run on many different games and by lots of people. I think it's a great way to organize games and keep players interested. We will keep track of wins and losses, so in the end we can nominate the Steamchampion of Oulu!

Currently there are only four people who have signed in for this, but there is still time. Even if I can't find more people, four is enough for this kind of thing. Many of us are familiar with the "Tale of four gamers" things that popped up on the Games Workshop-website and this is quite similar to that. If this manages to get more people playing Warmachine, I'll be very happy as our group is currently quite small.

So, when this thing gets started after summer, I'll be posting reports of our battles and pictures of the armies! Tomorrow I'm planning to write about my experiences and thoughts about Protectorate of Menoth, the faction I'm playing and painting currently.

Happy gaming!

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